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Storyboard Artist, Illustrator

I am a Japanese storyboard artist based in LA area, with varieties of experiences in the field of entertainment such as film, animation, commercial and music video. Committed team player dedicating skills to translate director's and team's vision and produce high quality work.  I love telling stories with my drawings!


2021                            Cekai | Tokyo, Japan

                                     Concept board for automobile brand movie treatment.

2021                            Cekai | Tokyo, Japan

                                      "Midnight in Tokyo"By Pentatonix feat. Little Glee Monster

2020                           "We The People" music video. | Los Angeles, CA


June 2012 – 2020      Fuse Interactive | Laguna Beach, CA

                                        Kawasaki promotional videos and brochures

March 2019                 Inversion | Los Angeles, CA

                                         Spot pitch for a local distillery.

January 2019             The Pool Productions Inc. | Los Angeles, CA                                    

                                         Coleman promotional video.  

December 2016 -

July 2017        

Spinfast | Los Angeles, CA

     "Michael Jackson's Halloween" on CBS.

October 2016 - January 2017

Idean | Los Angeles, CA

      ERICSSON VR Glasses promotional videos and other product promotional videos.

February – March


5 Mutts, Inc. | Santa Monica, CA

     “The Adventures of Hooligan Squad in World War III”, director Aaron McGruder.

December 2015             The Men Productions | Sherman Oaks CA

                                          "Alien Code", director Michael G. Cooney.

October 2015             Hplusf | Culver City, CA

                                          New Seoul mall architect design project.

July - August 2014

Life Time Television | Los Angeles, CA "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever", director Tim Hill.

May - June 2014

Threshold Animation Studios | Santa Monica, CA

      "Ocean Quest: The Immersive Adventure", China's first 360-degree entertainment.

May - June 2013

Very Special Production | Sherman Oaks, CA

     "Bremen Town Musicians", director Lawrence Guterman.

August 2012-

August 2013

Rocking Frog Production | Sherman Oaks, CA

     "Gutsy Frog" pilot, director Mark Dippe.

Allucinari | Los Angeles, CA

      Contract storyboard artist for project bases.

August -

September 2011

March 2013                 United Front Design, LLC | Los Angeles, CA                                            

                                           Various marketing spot for Apps.

Flows | Los Angeles, CA

      DODA's music video "XXX", director Takumi Koyama.

May 2010 -

December 2011

November 2009

- April 2011

Frameworks Artists Inc. | Los Angeles, CA

Non-exclusive storyboard artist at a Storyboard Agency.

  • Jay Silverman Productions (commercials)

  • Pure Films (commercials)

  • Liverpool Inc. ("The Congress", a feature film, director Ari Folman.)

August 2010               All In One Productions | Monterey Park, CA

                                        WELLS FARGO commercial spots.




Dec 2011-

May 2018

May - August 2010

Ariyana Coffee | Nagano, Japan.

     Package illustration.

Whitefin Market | Los Angeles, CA


Singin Whale Studios |San Francisco, CA

     Assistant graphic designer for Belly Up monthly flyer.

Just Cause Productions | Marina Del Rey, CA

     Background illustrator for JUST DANCE KIDS, a Wii Game soft produced by Ubisoft.


...and others.

Digital drawing with Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Illustrator on Ipad, Cintiq.

2D illustration, design.

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